B2B Camp Atlanta 2013 was a fun opportunity to share about reading people with personality profiling. Personality profiling can be very beneficial in marketing and sales. What filters does a person use to process information? What inherently motivates them? How can you best communicate with and persuade them based on their style?

In the Learn How to Read People Like a World Series of Poker Champion workshop at B2BCamp we learned how to determine a person’s unique Social Style. The slides from the B2BCamp workshop are here.

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How to Read People Like a World Series of Poker Champion workshop

Champion poker players make millions of dollars by correctly reading people and predicting what they will do. The very best are at the final table, earning millions of dollars in the process.

What is their secret? Is it a natural gift or can it be learned?

This highly interactive learning and development workshop will help you read people like a world champion poker player.

Plus, the session provides practical tips for adjusting your approach with people to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Works with everyone! Job candidates, employees, bosses, peers, customers, vendors, spouses and more.

What you will learn;

  • core concepts of human behavioral style and values based personality models,
  • your own unique personality profile and how people perceive you,
  • how to discern the profiles of others (read people) and how they see themselves,
  • how to understand the differences between you and them
  • how to adapt your approach to communication and management in real life situations to improve effectiveness

Are you right for this session?

  • Are you a busy executive or business owner that needs to get the most out of and retain your best people?
  • Are you a salesperson that deals with prospective customers and needs to influence decisions?
  • Are you on a team that needs to collaborate closely to meet tight deadlines and achieve quality outcomes?
  • Are you bringing new people into your organization and need to get them productive quickly?

Key points –

  • Bottom line results; become more effective at reaching goals
  • Fun people process; get to know and understand people better
  • Easy, step-by-step instructions; reduces the stress and conflict in relationships
  • Proven, validated model; decades of use in thousands of organizations