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Abeo’s Core Ideology Development model is based on the work of Jim Collins (from the books, Good to Great and Built to Last) and Drs. Kaplan and Norton (Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Mapping). Their combined work has helped thousands of people and organizations improve performance. What is Core Ideology? Core Ideology consists of four components; Purpose […]

Selected thoughts from The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship -Researchers from the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Based on interviews with founders for a study about entrepreneurial passion researchers found that many subjects displayed signs of clinical obsession, including strong feelings of distress and anxiety, which have “the potential to lead to impaired functioning”. […]

If gross miscalculations of a person’s value can occur on a baseball field…with millions watching…what [does] that say about the measurements of performance in other lines of work? – Michael Lewis Moneyball How do you measure performance in your organization? Are you using the right metrics? The book Moneyball describes how professional baseball (in general) […]

The paradoxes and internal inconsistencies in each of us are root causes of all manner of conflicts… – Brad Feld – Startup Life From a Social Style standpoint internal inconsistencies show up in our Social Style graph, no matter who we are. That is because there are some Social Styles that are opposed to each […]

Many people look back at the previous year and plan for the next year in late December. I am one of them. It’s a great time to reflect and re-focus. July is another good time to do this. In the U.S. the 4th of July is a natural break point at the middle of the […]

Are you an building an inside sales team? You should seriously consider blocking out some time this Thursday June 20th from 12 – 6 PM to attend the Virtual Inside Sales Summit.  The speakers are on the A List of inside sales. Register here: Get ready to learn from some of the Top Minds […]

I have been using ConnectedHQ, a company purchased by Linkedin a while back, for some time now. It’s pretty cool

“We all know we should exercise, but who has time to go out and do it. Dr. Michael Mosley asked: “What’s the minimum amount of time you need to (exercise) to get the benefits?” It turns out, three minutes a week — if you have the right genetic makeup, through high-intensity training (HIT), exhausting but relatively […]

There is a new figure in today’s innovation economy, someone called the “superconnector.” Shane Snow from Two weeks ago, I attended a party in Austin, Texas, where I knew fewer than two people. The guy I knew, however, was Scott Gerber, founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council. I asked him who I should know at the […]

Is your organization’s Sales Rep turnover high compared to other sales organizations? If it is, do you know why? Let’s invest a few moments to discover the root cause of Sales Rep turnover and look at the benefits of reducing it. Comparisons against industry averages is a good place to start.  According to CSO Insights […]

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