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Abeo’s Core Ideology Development model is based on the work of Jim Collins (from the books, Good to Great and Built to Last) and Drs. Kaplan and Norton (Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Mapping). Their combined work has helped thousands of people and organizations improve performance. What is Core Ideology? Core Ideology consists of four components; Purpose […]

abeo’s Hidden Motivators (HM) Profile, also known as the Values Index, delivers an easy to understand report built on the work of Drs. Eduard Spranger and Gordon Allport. The HM Profile creates understanding of a persons most and least important values, attitudes and beliefs, maximizing personal and organizational motivation.

The Personal Style Profile is based on the proven DISC behavioral model. DISC is known as a four factor model for assessing and describing a person’s behavioral style. Participants complete a quick (less then 15 minute) survey is used in which  rank adjectives a rank ordered. The results of the survey is a ranking on these four factors: […]

In the early 1920’s, the flamboyant American psychologist William Moulton Marston developed a theory to explain people’s emotional responses. Until that time, work of this kind had been mainly confined to the mentally ill or criminally insane, and Marston wanted to extend these ideas to cover the personalities of ordinary individuals.

It’s great when you have someone’s abeo Personal Style profile and can get a really good picture of How they behave and How to best communicate with them.

What about people that you work with, clients, vendors, etc.., that have not take taken the survey?

The Abeo Personal Style Profile model consists of  four factors: Decisive, Interactive, Stabilizing and Cautious. For simpler terms we refer to the factors as “D”, “I” ,“S” and “C”. In this model no factor is “better” than another, each factor has its strengths and weaknesses. Dominance (D) is the factor that is associated with control and power. […]