An article on notes that companies often ask job candidates to take a psychometric test, typically in the form of a traditional questionnaire. But because the most solutions are expensive and time consuming, it’s usually reserved for individuals applying for high-level positions.job-candidate-evaluation

Researcher Michal Kosinskim, profiled in the article, believes psychometric tests would have the most impact when a company is looking to fill lower level positions.

However, at a company like Walmart, which has hundreds of entry-level jobs, candidates are rarely asked to take a personality test, even though each position requires specific skills and, one could argue, psychological traits. For example, good cashiers, given their interaction with customers, benefit from being outgoing.

Abeo solves these problems with an integrated, easy to use, quick job applicant profiling service, which provides the same type of information as instruments costing hundreds of dollars per candidate, for a low fixed monthly fee.

In addition, the Abeo Career Insights Profiles are mutually beneficial for the candidate and the employer: applicants get to see their results and, when hired, are placed in roles that suit their personalities – and are likely happier for it – while the hiring company is able to fill vacant positions with competent individuals.

Career Insights LogoThe Career Insights model can also be viewed as a more meritocratic approach to traditional hiring methods, which sometimes favor the well-connected over the qualified. Promising applicants, who may not have otherwise been identified, can be elevated to higher positions in the company, or participate in career development.

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