The Abeo Personal Style Profile model consists of  four factors: Decisive, Interactive, Stabilizing and Cautious. For simpler terms we refer to the factors as “D”, “I” ,“S” and “C”.

In this model no factor is “better” than another, each factor has its strengths and weaknesses.

  • Dominance (D) is the factor that is associated with control and power. It is also the way you approach problem-solving and obtaining results.
  • Influence (I) is the factor that relates to social interactions. This is how you approach interaction with people and display your emotions.
  • Steadiness (S) is the factor of patience and thoughtfulness. This is how you approach the pace of an environment.
  • Compliance (C) is the factor dealing with a person’s approach to structure. Also how you approach standards, procedures, and expectations.

Each factor has a high and low side and varying grades in between. Here is a look at a table outlining the factors and adjectives that go with each factor: