Becoming more self aware is something that happens to most people throughout their lives. Sometimes this happens by accident and sometimes it is on purpose.  

By reading this article you are probably in the “on purpose” camp.

Here are two benefits of becoming more self-aware:

  1. Improve effectiveness – by knowing yourself better, your strengths and weaknesses and taking action to account for them, you become more effective in dealing with others.  You can be even more effective if you learn and account for someone else’s inherent strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Reduce stress – ever wonder way sometimes you feel anxious, tired, depressed or frustrated? It has a lot to do with how you are wired. By becoming aware of those hardwired aspects of yourself you can make adjustments to your environment that reduce stress, for you and those around you.

Who wouldn’t want to be more effective with less stress in their lives?

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